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First name analysis
Your first name carries your personal vibrations and motivations.  Each letter of your first name has an individual message to pass onto you.  To do this, not only the numbers of the letters are analyzed but also particular attention is paid to the first and last letters of the name and odd and even numbers.  A most unique way of seeing the hidden meanings of your first name! 
>Be sure to request the analysis of your common name, which is not necessarily the first name written on your birth certificate. <

Your full name analysis
reveals your personality and your aspirations.  It shows your talents and characteristics which are obtained by adding up and then reducing the numbers of your letters.  Confused?  Not so.  With our explanations you will easily follow the procedure, just as shown in the example of Angelina’s first name. 
>Be sure to copy the full name as it appears on your gift certificate.<

Your child’s first name analysis
will not only entail numbers and their recurrence but also astrological signs and their interpretation will be used to analyze the personality of the child.  All this will be helpful to make a choice of the right name for your child to be born.  Alternative spellings will also be included to assist you in choosing the appropriate name.

Your business name analysis,
just like in the analyses above, charts will be established to find a single digit number. If you or a friend, are thinking of starting a business and you have some names in mind, we will be glad to analyze up to 3 business names to give your business the best chance for success.

The personal year number analysis
will give you an idea of what you are to live out during the coming year, as well as the opportunities offered and the lessons to be learned. Each personal year may be considered like an important step on your path through life.  From January until December may the numbers Light up your path.

The life path number analysis
is based on your date of birth.  The final, single digit number will give you a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges and lessons you will encounter in this life.

"It is truly incredible how accurately the chart has depicted my life or should I say . . . truly incredible how I have lived the life I was meant to live. I suspect there are no coincidences in life -- we are exactly where we are supposed to be! Sending you sweet thoughts and gratitude."

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