About the Study of Astrology

The interpretation of a chart is composed of the following elements:

1) 12 zodiacal signs
2) 10 planets of the solar system
3) 12 Houses

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It is the superposition and interaction of these factors that lead to the interpretation of a chart.  Keeping in mind the numerous possibilities which are the result of that, let us go step by step. 

1) The 12 signs date back to Babylonian times and most of them are named after an animal.  Interesting, don’t you think?  Gemini (the twins), Libra (the scales), Virgo (a woman) and Aquarius (a man) are the exceptions.

gemini libra virgo aquarius

What can you say about your sign? 
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2) Now as for the planets. Let’s take a look at Angelina Jolie's chart, for example.

It shows the zodiacal circle with the head of an arrow to the left of the circle and the nock of the shaft on the right side of the circle.  If one draws a line from the head of the arrow to the nock you divide the circle into 2 hemispheres: 
the upper and the lower one. 

Let’s start out at the head of the arrow and go counterclockwise around the circle identifying the planets. The first planet we encounter is Venus at 28 degrees Cancer, then Pluto at 6 degrees Libra,  followed by Uranus at 28 degrees Libra, and lastly Neptune at 20 degrees Sagittarius.  That completes the list of the planets in the lower hemisphere.

Now to the upper one. 
Mars at 10 degrees Aries, the Moon at 13 degrees Aries, Jupiter at 17 degrees Aries, the Sun at 13 degrees Gemini, Mercury at 22 degrees Gemini,  and lastly Saturn at 17 degrees Cancer. There are 2 fictitious planets that have not been mentioned and they are the North Node and the Black Moon.

3) The 12 Houses of the zodiac. 
Each House is generally allotted a field of experience, describing a particular set of circumstances in a person’s life.  Each one of the Houses is indicated with a roman numeral and the limit of the House is indicated by a little triangle.  So House 2 for example would go from 19 degrees Leo to 14 degrees Virgo.

Two Classes of Charts that we offer on the site
So, now take a look at the introductions to the two classes of charts we currently offer on the site:

We have the "First Class" Natal and Solar charts and the "Express" charts.

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"First Class Charts"

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"Express Charts"

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