About Your Sign


Aquarius (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)

Dear Aquarian friend,

We were all born under the same tent, but you seem to distinguish yourself from all the other signs by your own acrobatic feats and skills. You weave in and out from one ring into another, astounding the public by your clever acts.

circus poster

No acts are repeated in your world and you amaze us all by your continued inventiveness. Life is always exciting around you because you are known for your zany nature and your magnetism.

O mag cover

You draw the most eclectic and interesting people into your world soon making them your best friend. What a marvelous companion you are inviting us to join your ingenous acts. "The more, the merrier" might be your catchphrase.

obama & oprah

Thank you, Aquarius, for your non-ending friendship and your invitation to join you in this world of magic and enchantment.

Happy Birthday
to all our Aquarians!

If this is your sign,
then this is your song

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