About Your Sign


Aries (March 21-April 20)

Dear Aries,

Great adventurer you are, diving headfirst
into one pursuit and then into another. You are constantly seeking seeking new territory with your intuition telling you in which direction to go.

acapulco divers

Your high level of exuberance will blaze the trail
and move you along. Such is a fire sign, needing to explore life's possibilities and letting those imaginary ideas carry you forth.

Nothing is predictable with you, dear Aries,
and you like it that way. No stifling your lifestyle or carefully planning out your next move.

Life seems to be a constant state of action,
with patience hardly being favored. Since the unfolding of your plans seems to be a difficult task for you, do pause long enough to take in life's pleasures - like sitting alone with earbuds in and enjoying a soft, sweet melody, for example, and hearing our best, warm wishes for a

puppy listening

Happy Birthday,

Dear Aries