About Your Sign



Cancer (June 22-July 23)

Dear Cancer,

Difficult to escape the idea of being associated with the crab, isn’t it?   

We ask that question because you are probably crabby now and then – but aren’t we all? 
What about your moodiness that hits you all day Tuesday and most of Sunday?  Part of the explanation can come from the fact that your sign is a Moon sign.  The flow of the tide creates those ups and downs, ebbs and flows, highs and lows, that influence you more than any of the other signs.

moon and tides

But let’s not stay with that impression. 
There is another side of you which is  the go-getter and the self-starter.  Here you can show your ability to make decisions and to move ahead. 

How about managing a pet shop or a bistro? 
Either one would be ideal for you because of your qualities for nurturing and caring, as well as your managerial skills.  You dared venture out of that crabshell and now you are moving into the world of business  with confidence and self-esteem.

We also know you enjoy cooking and are an outstanding chef
So why not prepare some of your famous, chunky crab chowder for us and then we’ll raise a glass of fine Chardonnay in your honor. 

crab soup

Here’s to your health and happiness and
A most Happy Birthday to you, dear Cancer