About Your Sign



Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)
The builder and the architect of the zodiac.


To Capricorn with love:

Your astrological sign designates the mountain goat and illustrates what you are all about.  As a baby goat you stumbled and fell, you lost your way and tripped, you crawled into holes and hid. 

stuck baby goat

As you grew older and matured, you became more sure-footed and found your place in the herd.  To keep your place in the hierarchy among your peers, you fought and rammed, blubbered and hit. You had no fear of the heights of the mountains but only aspired to reach the top.

baby goats butting

And so it is in life.  As a young man, you might not be appreciated by your colleagues and have to work hard to be esteemed and accepted by the members of your department.  

With their experience they can show you the way. 
2 goat

Then you will fully take your place among them with more maturity and responsibility than before and carry out your tasks better than ever. 

You will reach the top of the mountain. Be patient and persevering as you climb so that at the end you can pass on your experience to others. We wish you well on the way to the top...

goat on mtn top

and a Happy Birthday
at the same time, dear Capricorn