About Your Sign



Libra (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)

Dear Libra,

Charming my dear, that is what you are and that is what you bring into our lives. 
Your lovely face, your tact and diplomacy are the delight of the zodiac with Venus adding her touch of class to it.  
You truly excel in taking on the refined things of life and offering them to those who surround you.


You are the social butterfly
of the zodiac flitting about with others,

who are of the same mindset. 

You do volunteer work and are politically active,
always working to keep doors of communication open with those who work with you. 
You are an extremely popular lady and you probably have difficulties sorting through all those evites that you have in your mailbox!

We know that you love to smooth out ruffled feathers and so you create a great sense of harmony and balance, just like your sign, the scales, indicate.  You draw people of opposing views together, soothe their anger and negotiate truces.  You are truly the peacemaker in our world of 24/7 maddening media.

With all this, might we add a small piece of advice:
don’t lose your individuality nor allow yourself to be drowned by the demand of others.  You are a born initiator, especially in the field of relationships.  You will be the first one to introduce yourself to a stranger and welcome her to our get-together.  Such a gesture as yours is much appreciated by all.

With all these many attributes, we pay you great compliments and are thankful that you show us the beauty of the world everywhere.

Happy birthday,
Dear Libra.