About Your "Life Goals" Chart

Here is a sample of what we offer in an express reading, in this case Brad Pitt.

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As you easily see, there are many symbols on the graphic presentation on the chart.
The North Node is one of these symbols and we are particularly interested in it for this is where you are to be heading in this lifetime. Here is your life direction, the goal you are to move towards, our life mission.

pitt natal

Looking for the North Node, we see it placed in the sign of Cancer. In astrology, that sign immediately brings up the picture of a cozy home with children running about and laughing. What a safe and secure place to be and what a joy for you to hear the cries and shouts of the little ones.

Here, Brad, you take on the role of the protector, the caretaker and the nurturer and you do it with much pleasure and great satisfaction. What a contrast from the lives of your past when you were a soldier or even a general who had taken up arms and gone into battle. At that time you wanted to do something great and accomplish a lot. Being thrust into that role, it was not always easy for you to reach out and to ask others for help. Were you able to enjoy life? Did you give yourself the permission to cry, to laugh and to feel?

pitt laughing

So, now, in this lifetime you can soften yourself and put away your sword. You can find a place where you are comforted and helped. The home is the place where all your wounds can be healed. What a welcomed change.

Now, let’s look at the North Node again and see what House it is placed in. The answer is House 7, the House of partnership and marriage. Sharing and collaborating is the name of the game. To win at this game, you are called on to co-operate and to be tactful as well as attentive to the needs of your partner.

No longer are you to be that ego-driven individual who organizes his life only according to his own needs and no longer the general who lives in his military world where only his decisions and orders are valid. Now, there are two of you living in this House, a house where the bonds of love and intimacy reign supreme.

pitt family

The chart also shows us that Jupiter and Mars send out contradictory vibrations. Jupiter is concerned with your fame and fortune. Are you hesitant to move to the front of the stage to receive all the applause?

Mars tugs at your sleeve and tells you to be a bit more aggressive and decisive.
He wishes you to express your own needs but still taking the other person in the House into consideration.

So, with the North Node in House 7 and in the sign of Cancer, you have come home.
You have come a long way from the battlefield to the dinner table, from the lonely general to the happy husband. May you enjoy it all and may you be healed here.


Bonne route!

May you enjoy walking on your life path of transitions.