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MARS in 4 Elements

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Mars is one of the 10 planets shown on the zodiacal wheel.  We can call it the "Can-Do" planet representing courage, assertion, rivalry and competition.  He allows us to go forward, honor the best part of ourselves and test our stamina.  Quite a program, isn’t it?

All planets are influenced by the 4 elements so well-known: fire, earth, air and water.
4 elements

They influence the way we express ourselves and move forward in this world.  Mars is no exception.  Do you express yourself under a veneer of civilization and culture? Are you the direct type not mincing your words? So let’s look at the elements and see how Mars reveals himself.



In fire, he seems to be the most comfortable because this is truly his element.  Mars’ imagination is of great importance and it allows him to formulate projects and take initiatives. 

Care to start a meet-up group?  Just ask an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius to do it and they’ll be delighted to comply. 

There is a fighting spirit within him, be it for territory or a mate. No matter, he wants to be the leader of the pack.

But Mars, don’t rush off  in anger and  rage.  Bring forth the qualities we appreciate in you: your dynamic energy and fighting spirit.  

In earth, Mars dances to a different tune. 
He is in touch with the physical senses and the material world. 

His drive to be financially secure is something that is quite strong in him and he will ponder at length as how to make his business more successful. 

The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn all make him more cautious and wary than he was in fire. 

He plans and envisions before putting plans into action.



In air, Mars puts on his thinking cap. 

He becomes communicative, is interested in the world of ideas and favors rationality. 

All three airy signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, share the need to relate life’s experiences to a framework of ideas. 

Ideas, ideas, where are your feelings, Mars?

Finally in water, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Mars plays the role of the feeling type. 

This automatically evokes the importance of relationships and human values.  

Sensitivity, charm, subtlety and insight are all blessings and sometimes misfortune which he all knows too well and is familiar with. 

He wants to be like the mother bird who takes care of her little ones, but does not always see that some of her children want to leave the nest to experience the world below.


Mars sees in each sign a different reality and may he honor each one!