1st Class

Your birthchart is the grandiose plan of your life.  Your birthchart is the ultimate, personalized and graphic presentation of who you are. 

It gives you a world of insights into your personality, your view of the world, how you best get along with others and what your career interests are. It might be said that all these are building blocks of your individual destiny.

Deep inside you, you probably know what this is, but the chart really spells it out.  It shows us what path to follow and where your potentials are. The planets, signs and houses are the basic ingredients of the chart. 

With the help of these ingredients we will help you understand yourself so that you can lead a most harmonious life upon this Earth.

Interpretation of

Angelina Jolie’s Natal Chart

jolie natal

We immediately notice that the upper hemisphere of the chart
is busier than the lower one.

Six out of ten planets are placed in the upper one. What does this mean? It means that Angelina is turned towards the outer world.  She focuses on her connection with the others and wishes to establish a link with them.  Turning her dreams of connecting with others  becomes the name of the game !

Because of the number of planets in all of the Houses, we must ask which are the most important Houses --¬  Houses 9 (travel and spiritual interests), 10 (career), 11 (humanitarian work).   

The four elements of the zodiacal signs of astrology
(fire, earth, air and water) are energy generators within us. 

4 elements

Fire is the element that is dominant in Angelina’s chart.
It endows you, Angelina, with intuition, enthusiasm, unending strength and high spirits.

Where do you most show this enthusiasm and  high spirits?  In House 9 and 10 with Mars and the Moon exerting great influence upon you.

Mars bestows upon you the temperament of an active woman, rather impulsive but ever so courageous.  Being confronted by certain problems makes you feel most alive.

This seems to be important for your well-being and balance. 
You are certainly not a gal with a passive kind or personality. 

The Moon asserts itself on your life through a flood of sensations and powerful impressions. It has an unerring instinct to know what you need.  Its influence drives you to act confidently and assert yourself to take care of the situation. 

With these introductory remarks, let’s now move to the supporting  pillars of the chart which are the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Midheaven.

Your Ascendant in Cancer

The Ascendant is the mask you wear to the rest of the world and here your Ascendant is Cancer.   You may appear indifferent and calm to others but that is hardly you.  The real reason for this facade is your fear and reluctance to reveal who you really are – you wear the mask to protect yourself from friends and enemies alike.

venice masks

Angelina, you have self-confidence, let it show. 
Tear down the curtain, let it go. 

Your Sun  in Gemini

The Sun shines a bright light on who you really are.  In such a sign as Gemini , sign of dynamic dialogue, you are ready to listen, change and socialize.  Everything interests you except the drudgery of every day. It is plain to see that your curiosity drives you all the time.   You are continuously on the lookout for new experiences and adventures.  All of this goes hand in hand with a powerful sense of humor, which lifts you above adversity. 

wonder woman

You have to fly and refuse to be tied down.  Could that be why people consider you consider you to be a bit “flighty”?

The Sun is great friends with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto bringing great gifts for you.  The exceptional balance that you have  between ying (Moon) and yang (Sun), your masculine side and your feminine one are exceptional presents. You appear to be happy with yourself in many  circumstances.  Your relationship with Brad Pitt is proof of it, as well as your concern for orphaned children and others in need.  Isn’t that a gift for somebody who enjoys moving through the world as much as you do?  A fortunate world traveler you are!

Your Moon in Aries

The Moon has a different story to tell.  It represents your inner self, your intimate feelings, moods and emotions.  It is your soul.  The Moon is placed in Aries, a sign of competition and fervor, a sign of self-will and self-assertion.  off limits

Did you say journalists at your door?  They would certainly not be welcomed.  You strongly feel the need to protect your personal and private life.  No intrusions, no trespassing.  This area is off limits, the haven is reserved for you and your loved ones.

Your Mercury in Gemini

Now let’s turn to Mercury, who facilitates your intellectual capacities and your capability to communicate. Teaching, writing and traveling are all part of your package—undo the bow and you will soar.  Having trouble making choices?  Take Jupiter’s arm and he will organize and clarify your dreams.

auntie mame

Even Uranus, your Auntie Mame, sends you good vibes and inspires you to become amazingly creative and unbelievingly unique. What a lucky gal you are.

Your Venus in the sign of Cancer

What a wonderful combination of this planet and this sign.  Venus, goddess of love and beauty, is standing at the door of your Ascendant, (the mask you present to the world),  making you an endearing, charming and alluring lady.  You show your feelings with much tenderness and gentleness - always being careful not to overstep the boundaries you set for yourself.  You wish to have lasting relationships and be surrounded by a warm and loving family.  But be careful !  Uranus, the planet of individuality, has his word to say.

Your  feelings and desires do not always take your partner into consideration.  You want to show that you are  independent and have your way.  This might create uneasy moments for you and so be aware of this personality trait so that sudden break-offs do not happen.

masked venus at door


Midheaven in Aries

So what are you gifted for in the professional world, Ms. Angelina? 
What are your trump cards in this field?  One would clearly state that your energy wins the game. 

An energy that allows you to move forward in your projects at great speed.  Your sensitivity melded with your spirit of  wishing to be the master of your own destiny can certainly be called one of your trump cards. 

Jupiter sprinkles his fairy dust here. 

fairy dust

He helps you work well with people and incites you to travel abroad and have international connections.  Whatever you look for in your profession, you will probably not find too many obstacles.

So, Angelina, to summarize all we have said so far:
It would be good to repeat that you are a most dynamic and energetic woman, who expresses herself with amazing assertion and absolute  You demand the initiative and are always the leader.  Let your energy carry you away and make sure you pay attention to your true feelings. 

Your partner will be love

brad angelinba hug

and you will finally, both of you,
be waltzing off into the blue together.