About Your Sign



Pisces (Feb. 20 - March 20)


Hey, Pisces, look at your symbol.

Two fish swimming in two different directions.  What’s going on? 

salmon upstream
salmon swimming

Which way are you swimming? Heading for the ocean to be eaten or going upstream for a good time? 

Living in a Technicolor world or a film noir in black and white?  It’s a Pisces problem and the choice is yours.  Hit the brakes, pause and reflect...who do you want to be ? 

pushme pullyou

Feeling a bit like a Pushme Pullyou? 

Your choice is not an easy one because you seem to be living in a world of contradictions - happy or sad, alone or together, detached or involved?

Take a quiet look at what has worked for you until now and put that into your gas tank... then hit the accelerator and head for the Yellow Brick Road. 

OZ Yellow Brick Road

The wizard is waiting and the woman behind the YOU!


Happy Birthday,

Dear Pisces