Every now and then, let's say on your birthday,
it is nice to have a Solar Return chart mounted.  It will help 
you get some perspective on your present opportunities as well as challenges, your career goals and relationships.

The graphic representation of the Solar Return will show the position of the planets on the day chosen by you and the narrative will indicate what the outlook for the coming year will be. For example the Sun being the most powerful planet to consider in this interpretation is the place where the greatest growth may take place during the year.  Where is it placed in the chart and what are the planets surrounding it?

So, from the time of one birthday to the birthday of the following year allow this chart to be your reliable index of opportune moments knocking at your door.  May it become your steady companion at your desk or your favorite seat on the sofa.  Every day will open your door to wonderful and no longer unexpected events.

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jolie solar

[Angelina's "Solar Return"chart]


jolie bi-wheel

[Angelina's Bi-Wheel - Solar and Natal Chart]

Angelina’s Solar Return

After having read the Study of Astrology on our site, let’s look at the Solar Return charts. 

You will notice that we have 2 charts this time:  One simple wheel of the zodiac, your Solar Return chart, and the other a bi-wheel chart which is your Solar Return chart and your Natal chart

The goal of the bi-wheel chart is to compare the positions and houses of the planets marked on the Solar Return chart to the positions and Houses of the Natal chart. The Solar Return on the outside and the natal chart on the outside.  The purpose of doing this is to compare planets and Houses of both charts.

Think of it like a bicycle made for two, one is for your birthday of this year and the other for the birthday of the year you were born.   Please note that this reading is valid for one year. 

For you, Angelina, the Solar Return chart
will be dated from your birthday,
June 4, 2011 til June 3, 2012.

Looking at the simple Solar Return chart, we immediately notice that the Lower Hemisphere of the chart is busier than the Upper one.  7 out of 10 planets are placed in the Lower one.  What does this mean?  It means that the majority of the planets appear in the part of the chart which describes you as an individual entity, you as an individual. 

Which Houses are the most important ones on this chart?  House 1 (you, as a distinct individual), House 2 (your values and possessions) and House 3 (your ideas and concepts).  These 3 Houses and their signs indicate that this will be a most active and busy year for you.  Being a native of the sign of Gemini that kind of year is right up your alley, isn’t? 

You notice, Angelina, that 6 out of 10 planets are inscribed in Houses 1, 2 and 3.  Notice the position of the planet Uranus.  In House 1.  He is the Auntie Mame  planet we referred to in the Natal chart.  Wishing to leave your usual self behind and take on a new identity?  No planet can be of more help to you than Uranus.  He will bring you gifts of individuality and originality.  With Uranus in the sign of Aries it is ideal to be in a leadership position.  

Didn’t we just hear that you have just produced your first movie?  Weren’t you at the head of the movie crew and the set?  You certainly do a good job of transforming yourself into that Auntie Mame. 

Oh, but there are other indications that this is a year of change and mutation.

Tenants of House 2 are the red-headed planet Mars and the golden-haired Venus.  Mars pursues money and possessions in a rather aggressive and assertive way while Venus wants to purchase all those beautiful and worthwhile things.  All for your physical comfort and your sensual side of life, isn’t that so?

House 3 is always associated with the field of communication such as writing, editing, the media.  Your contact with the media must have increased n-times due to the fact that you made a movie and to market it must have obliged you to learn new skills concerning business transactions and maybe even to make short trips.  All this required you to change some of your old habits and become a new you, a business woman. 

In addition guess which planets we see here?  Your Sun, making you feel alive learning new tasks and exchanging your ideas with others and Mercury encouraging you to be mentally more alert and clever.

House 8 also sends out vibes of change.  Can you see which sign it is placed in? Scorpio, sign of transformation and transmutation.  You are stepping out of your role as an actress and stepping into the shoes of a writer and producer as well. 

After all these different pieces of evidence showing that this is truly a year of change for you,  but let’s look more closely at the supporting pillars of the Solar Return chart. They are : the Sun, the Moon, Mars and the Ascendant.

The Sun
We have already spoken about the Sun but might we add that even though being placed in a mutable house of change, it hardly has a tendency to wiggle and wobble.  It is well grounded and firm due to Saturn’s influence. 

The Moon
The Moon, feelings and emotions, is found in house 4.  It’s a watery Moon, yearning for a home when your movie location is far off in distant lands. It also indicates that there is a possibility of you moving to another home.

Mars is all about ambition and will.  Where is he hiding?  He is not hiding,  he says loudly and clearly that you, Angelina, need to be vigilant in signing any kind of contract.  Do read the fine print before starting to film your movie?  You might also encounter some competition but success will be your final note.

The Ascendant
Now onto the Ascendant placed in Pisces.  The Ascendant indicates  what kind of year it is going to be.  It is placed in Pisces and this does not facilitate the tasks ahead for you. It is an indecisive sign, a sign of hesitation and difficulties of choices.  But hey ho!  You have a helper here.  Pisces grants you intuition.  It rides at a high level this year and so allow it to guide you through these moments of indecision.

Onto one more planet framing the whole picture for you this year. 
It is Pluto, transformer, initiator and decryptor.   He  reigns in House 10 and allows his influence to be extended throughout the chart.  Pluto will initiate,  change and encourage you to be flexible and ready to move into a different world.   Isn't that exciting? 


The bi-wheel chart

Now a short word concerning
the bi-wheel or overlay of the charts. 

The most important comment concerns the Ascendant of the Solar Return falling into the natal House 9 in the sign of Pisces. 

You will be motivated to learn and understand the culture of a foreign land.  It’s quite obvious that this is Bosnia. 

You might take a trip there to film the country and its inhabitants. 

Doesn’t Pisces also represent photography?  With the help of  filming and directing you bring forth and affirm your talents.  inLiving a foreign culture and  being in contact with the local people will allow you to show your feelings of compassion for these people. 

The other important part of the overlay is House 10 in natal House 5. 
Your creativity abounds.  You are recognized by society at large of having created something exceptional, something out of the ordinary.  Your work as a writer and producer is recognized throughout the world.  Many a fan of yours will much appreciate your film,  the Land of Blood and Honey.

What a wonderful future you have ahead of you.

Bonne route and may all go well
as you travel on this new path!