2018 Astrology Workshops

with Barbel Besseyre


For 2018, we have developed two comprehensive workshop series:

The Introductory Workshops
and the Advanced Workshops.
For those new to Astrology, it is recommended that you complete the Introductory Series before enrolling in the Advanced Series.
If anything is unclear about any of the individual workshops, please send an email or give Barbel a call during regular business hours.

Astrology is like a universal toolbox with amazing tools to help you look at these areas of your life from a new and different angle.  Working with this ancient and effective science, we can create a natal chart for you and look at the areas that are creating your concerns.  Which planets are working out there and what do they tell you?  

Introductory Workshops 2018

The following sessions will be offered on the first Saturday of each month - NEW DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED

1. Introductory session
During this session we'll all have a look at our Natal Charts and determine what kind of element is dominant and which one might be missing.  Which qualities are prominent?  Cardinal, fixed or mutable?  Where in the chart are most of the planets found? In what part of the horoscope are you strong?  Come join us and get your answers! 

2. What's Coming up this Year?  
There are certain areas in our charts that need some tweaking and changes.  Saturn, for example, encourages us to move in that direction of change.  He asks us to face reality and look at things we may not really want to look at.  We'll grow and mature if we act upon his request.  Come and join us for this rejuvenating journey.

3. How's your Career and Financial situation?
Does your career satisfy you or are you having difficulties reaching your professional goals?  Are you managing to balance your checkbook and come out on the plus side at the end of each month? Let's all look at our charts for personalized and practical suggestions. 

4. How's your Love Life?
Do you wish to know more about your relationships with that special person?  Your Natal charts will give you an indication of the kind of person with whom you are most compatible and can best get along with. This can be a real life-changing experience!

5. What kind of Past Lives did you live through?
We'll look closely at your Karma, your life's past, present and future, Lunar Nodes will help us do this most revealing work. Change your Karma, change your Life!

6. What about Astrology and Health?
Each sign of the zodiac governs a specific part of the body (like astrological acupuncture) and this dates back to Hippocrates, the father of medicine.  We'll go through each sign pointing to the strongest and weakest area for a person born under a certain sign. Come and find out for yourself, your health and the health of your loved ones.  

7. Is it true that My Name is No Accident?
Your name is made up of letters and as will be shown each letter has a numerical value.  Once these values are added up and a final number is found, this number is given meaning.  We'll also find out what the number of your personal year is, as well as your life path number. You'll be amazed by the science of numerology and have fun time together.

Advanced Workshops 2018

The following sessions will be offered on the first Saturday of each month - NEW DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED

1. The Luminaries
Our journey into Astrology continues with this new Advanced Series and for this workshop we look at the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.  The Sun encourages us to express our potentials thus creating the main themes of our life's journey.  The Moon is the main indicator for relationships and our bonding with others. By looking at the position in your chart, of both the Sun and the Moon during the workshop, we'll find out what roles we're being called to play in this drama called Life and what makes us feel secure.

2. The Ascendant  
What's your image and your facade? The Ascendant or the Rising Sign are exactly that - they are our first impression of you when you walk into a room!  How do you present to others? Haughty?  Head hanging?   A radiant smile? Be part of our group for this session and see what kind of image you give of yourself in this world. Once you see how others see you, you can begin to work toward the image you want to present.

3. Befriending Saturn
Saturn is synonymous with fear, fright, limitation and restriction.  He is also the symbol of a psychic process natural to all human beings which is to become whole and complete.  Let's discover what some of our painful experiences might be in the futureand how we can minimize them and their effect on our lives so we can grow and mature.

Courageous enough to be part of our group and discuss some of these frustrating moments in our lives?
We certainly hope so and we'll see you then.

4. Rise above it all with Jupiter
Are you always feeling down, sad and hopeless and really want to be more upbeat, hopeful and fun?  Then join us for this exciting workshop.  We'll explore Jupiter's position and placement in your chart and see which area of your life is affected by him.  May he be a strong Jupiter in your life so that you become goal-oriented, aspire to grow strong and develop more confidence and self-esteem.

See you then.

5. Methods of Chart Analysis

Let's get down to the nitty gritty and analyse your chart.  What kind of energy flows through you, which Houses seem to dominate your chart and how do some of your planets interact?  All these are helpers to analyze a natal chart.So come and find out what promises your natal chart holds for you. We promise, it will be a real "I-opener".

6. Planetary Transits
Life's changes keep coming at you and will never stop.  During this lifetime, we are all put through a multitude of changes and transformations. And that is partly due to the planets that continue to revolve around our zodiacal wheel.  We'll look at the present position of personal and collective planets and see how they affect our everyday life – and how best to deal with the hand you're being dealt. 

7. Graduation - Teach the Teacher
By the time you reach this session, many of you will have gone through 13 Astrology Workshops with Barbel and have gained enough heavenly knowledge to earn an MFA (Masters in Fine Astrology) so we think it's now time to show off what you've learned. In this class the roles will reverse and the teacher will become the student and the students will present a class together on creating and analyzing a Natal chart. This will be a life-changing experience shared with all of your new found fellow star-travelers. It will definitely be a hoot!

And on we go, accompanied by the planets Above. 
So be it and so it is...... 

Workshop participants comments:

"This is the best astrology class you have ever taught that I've taken from anyone.  I understand more about my astrology chart than I've ever had and it has provided great insight into who I am."
"I have really enjoyed this class. I would like to continue. We have just begun and there is work to be done! Let's keep going….Thank you."
"Enjoyed the class very much.
Barbel is so prepared for each session.
I go home feeling I have learned and shared so much."
"I learned much and enjoyed our class.  Delectable snacks, friendly environment, well prepared material, easy to follow, simple but to the point instructions.  Nothing to improve upon. Thanks!"
"The class was perfect, Madame!" "I thought you laid out everything so that it was clearly understandable (even to me) and there wasn't too much info.  I really want to come again when I can."

"But ... knowledge is power. We all come into this world with karma from our pasts and with lessons to be learned in order to move forward and grow. Astrology, when understood, provides a road map to understand where you have been and to navigate where you are going. The astrology expert who imparted this wisdom to me is a wonderful lady named Barbel Besseyre."

"This is by no means a paid advertisement; neither she nor I, really, had any idea that I would write about her this morning. I just received so much value out of her workshop that I couldn't keep it to myself. If you have an interest in understanding the indications (not limitations) of your astrology, do connect with her."

"She teaches fabulous workshops that leave you informed, empowered, and inspired. Plus she has encouraged me immensely in my writing, and I wanted to say "Thanks" and "I love you!" 



• The cost per session will be only $25. 
• If you opt for all 7 sessions in a Series, the price is only $150.
• Classes will be limited to 15 participants.

Prefer to pay at the door or by check once dates have been announced? 
Then e-mail me at or call 919-929-3046