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of the wonderful, and amazing ancient world of Astrology and Numerology.

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• How's Your Love Life?
Do you wish to know more about your relationship with that special somebody? Look at our charts on "Love Life" for some very customized guidance.

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• How's your Job?
Does your career satisfy or are you having difficulties reaching your goals? Look at our charts on "Life Career" for personalized and practical suggestions.

Life's Goals

• How's Life?
Here at your "Life Goals" Express Chart, we look closely at your life direction, the goal you are to move towards, your life's mission.


• Who Am I?
Your Natal (birth) Chart is the grandiose plan of your life.  Your birthchart is the ultimate, personalized and graphic presentation of who you are. 

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• What's Coming up This Year?
The graphic representation of your "Solar Return" will show the position of the planets on the day chosen by you and the narrative will indicate what the outlook for the coming year will be.


Is it true?
My Name is No Accident
Your name is made up of letters and, as will be shown, each letter has a numerical value.   These numbers will be added up and then reduced to a single digit-number.  It is this final number that will be interpreted and given meaning in "Your Name Analysis Number"

• What is my Personal Year Number?
It is believed that our lives are made up of series of 9-year cycles during which changes gradually take place.  The "Personal Year Number" might be an example of this as each year we live out a different number and with each number transformations take place.
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• What Challenges Lie Ahead?
In general the "Life Path Number"gives an outline of the opportunities, the challenges and the lessons we meet up with in this lifetime.  It is based on the date of your birth as well as its addition. 

Rest Assured – these are all questions we can answer –
Thanks to the Planets, Signs and Numbers. What does Venus say about your love life and Mars say about your drive or ambition? Have a look at our sample charts and read our narratives.

Whether you are looking for guidance
Or perhaps you just want to give yourself a little gift – do yourself a little favor – we would be delighted to assist you. So, make yourself comfortable with a steaming cup of comforting tea and slowly wend your way through our welcoming website. We're here for you...

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We promise, it will open a world of discoveries for you.

Bon voyage!

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